Hello, I'm

Björn Heselius

I am on a mission to create the best user experiences there is. I use design and empathy as a tool to solve business challenges and drive success.

As a leader, business developer, brand strategist and art director I work in the borderlines where tech and psychology, innovation and art meet. I live for the smiles that come when cross-functional teams understand each other.

Years of experience

My background is in the field of visual journalism, leadership, education, web development and administration. I am a senior designer and experienced leader.

International awards

My work for digital and printed publications has received numerous awards of excellence for design, art direction and strategy, as well as best in Europe in 2016. I am a juror in both national and international design and UX competitions.

My Process


All ideas are good. I facilitate workshops, brainstorms and use tactical analytics to explore new needs.


I find ways to combine brand values with the needs of the target audience.


I design processes and chose platforms to make the idea profitable.


I tweak concepts together with the users to perfect the product.

My Work

Most of the projects I have been working on later than 2017 

are either non-public or bound by a non-disclosure agreement.
Please contact me directly for more information.  

My Leadership Skills

360 degree leadership survey conducted in 2015 by Oy Interpersona Ab. (N=24.)


of superiors say Björn is respectful and creates a positive atmosphere.
of management say Björn knows how to develop his team and stick to budget.
of team members say Björn knows how to engage and inspire his group.
of co-workers say Björn communicates well and gives clear direction.

The touch of your hand is more and more visible for each day that goes by. Today's paper was an explosion of freshness and elegance. Keep on being brave and sharing the good attitude.

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Jens Berg

CEO, Former Editor-in-chief, Hufvudstadsbladet (Helsinki, Finland)

Please, extend my gratitude to the whole team. They did a great job. Specially Björn. Incredible talent and energy.

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Javier Errea

Design consultant and professor, University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain)

Björn was a tremendous addition to our staff and I would recommend him to anyone who wants a hard working reliable employee. I can say with great confidence he will not disappoint you.

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Frank Barger

Director, Camp Shohola (Greeley, PA, USA)

Contact me

I would love to chat a bit about how we can collaborate
and what I can do to make your business thrive!

Drop me a line on bjorn.heselius@gmail.com
or call +46733354556.